Baby Blue -Athleisure- !!!

Got my merch in!! Obsessed with the yoga suit. Def think that might be all I make from now on!! LOL. I had so much fun designing it and then getting it from the factory and then wearing it and and now posting it. I’m shook.

I’m also shook that you can wear them with boots and a tee, just as much as with the bra and hit yoga. Lots of use. And I’ve been washing them, and they held up so well! And I like that we developed them on the lightweight side of leggings. They don’t feel too hot, which sometimes bugs me when the fabric is too too thick. And I’ve squatted a bunch, they don’t seem too see through. Just right.

Anyhow. Hope you like. Grab a set. You’ll be stoked I promise. Will make you feel like a rockstar!⚡️🦋🌟xoxox

Countdown 1.

The Album has arrived!

Suzy Le Q – Baby Blue is now available on all platforms!

I’m so pleased with the response!! Thank you to everyone who has DMd me or reached out! Can’t believe all the support. Thank youuuu from the bottom of my heart!

Also a number of Spotify playlisters have taken note and included me in their playlists!! I’ll have to make that a different post though!

And omg a few managers have reached out which is incredible, but I have to be honest, I have no idea what that means or what they’d even do for me. If anyone knows please write in! Xoxox

Countdown 2.

So we finished the album last year,, and I was left with the final aspects, , ,album title, album cover etc

I’ve always just shot myself for pix, or with friends and family, because I feel awkward in front of the camera, and am embarrassed that I rarely get good shots of myself by other people. Lol. (I mean that statement is all in my head right. People take good shots. I’m just too self-critical I guess ) , so in this instance I did the same. ..

Shot with amazing friends and family: @marybrennan and #donnalew and @marlena.rijn !!!! & That’s who shot all the items on the previous post ,,,

but for some reason I still wasn’t feeling complete in the journey, even with the STELLAR shots I had. . .and believe me. they are stellar!!!!!

Just needed something more ‘square’ because albums are square. Ha

& Sometimes journeys are about pushing out of your comfort zone. Throwing yourself into the unknown.

& in this instance. ..Maybe part of that journey was to do something I’ve never done for myself?!!! ,,, hire a photographer I’d never shot with… ! …I mean I’ve hired new people before to shoot my jewelry, hired out visionaries, and it always came out extra rad, but I was def a little hesitant. Do I really need to do that for me?!? Well I guess I did.

I fortunately came across yet another Amazing, heart centered, kind, and compassionate artist @jessicachanensmith , a woman behind the camera who had a vision for me, that I couldn’t see myself!


& She suggested a few directions like maybe a baby blue backdrop 70s prom inspired photo,, and sent me some visual examples,,,, so I tie- dyed a bed sheet with shiburi the night before the shoot and ran to goodwill for the silkie one,, and then boy we ran with it. We came up with the album cover, GREAT SHOT , we are about to reveal soon here, but not in this post. Still get alt photos! Lol. . Excited for you guys to finally see it though !!

And thank you to all the contributors, couldn’t have taken this shot without all the rest. It’s all a journey. Many of the Alt Shots will actually be in the Physical Album , like the back cover and insets, when that comes out soon after this digital drop!

Alt shot by @jessicachanensmith

Countdown 3.

So we are beginning the countdown to releasing this album I’ve been working on for over 10 years!

You might say Suzy, why 10 years? That’s so crazy!

Well it all began when I first started my business Rossmore. and while I was working 18 hour days often, I had a more flexible schedule so suddenly my artsy side began to flourish in the most amazing ways!

I had a friend writing and recording music and he said, “hey write a song with me,” so we did, it was called Body Hi, and it is the first song I ever wrote and he produced it! I LOVE this song and it has such a special place in my heart! And now over ten years later, it ended up as the 7th song on Baby Blue! It’s just a great song. Thank you Oscar for being so pivotal in this journey. Don’t know what I’d do without the gift of music you so generously shared with me!

Anyhow. Then I wrote some more songs. Went on a quick tour with Oscar and then decided to move from WeHo to Silverlake to pursue Music above all else! But that’s when things got hairy. I wanted to work with people, but I came across many challenges, some very difficult to work with relationships at times. And my project stalled over and over.

Then I got distracted, and took a detour on do a duo thing, that ended up being very disappointing for me personally, but ALSO just what I needed. The disappointment fueled me to work towards only getting MY album done, exactly how I saw it. In my vision!

So I prayed about it and let the whole dream go, but by the hand of god I was led to my current producer by my father-in-law, and man was this the moment for me!

From the point on of meeting my producer, I just put one foot in front of the other, to do one song at a time as I could afford, (studio and production time is a fortune!!) and finally 3 years later, here we are with my work of art, Baby Blue.

I am so proud. It took an army of people to get this done. And a decade of relationships, work, highs, lows, to bring this into fruition! And it’s done and I can’t wait to present it to you guys!

And lastly, Getting this album made was one thing. But then packaging it has been a whole other journey. I’ll share that part in the next post! Cheers to the count down. Here we go!

Below are all the mock ups that while we loved, did NOT become the album art work :

Donna Lew/Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Marlena Rijn
Donna Lew/ Mary Brennan


My Gal Nikki at Bullseye Vintage curated a little capsule collection just for all the babes at Rossmore! I love how seamlessly the pieces integrate with the Rossmore Btq items! It’s like they were meant to go together! You know pieces are fire when they play well with others! Each piece is one of a kind and full freaking vtg delicious. You will be so pleased with the amount of compliments you receive!

I’ve been working with Nikki for over ten years, we have sold all over the country together at events and trade shows! It’s with my pleasure I introduce her work to you all! She’s always been a dealers dealer, like the people in the vtg scene go to her when they need something special and so do I! She can source anything, and not to mention has crazy style and taste! Anyway, get ready, the mini collection drops Friday! Woo! Are you on the mailing list? Get there first!

bb gurl

@Freepeople @teva
@Marlena.rijn @tavinboutique

Love you forever

@Gigihadid @drjart

Happy screenshot dump. Love cruising the inter webs and sharing. Enjoy!! Xoxox

don’t stressy

I love it when my clients come to me with antique rings they want to change or melt down and I’m like. Don’t do anything. That thing is fucking brilliant. Legit 95% of the time that happens. Dude. Old shit. Is the good shit in jewelry land. You can’t duplicate the patina of time honored amazingness. Anyway. Inspo above. Love you all!!

Ps my album is almost ready to release! So excited. Will share more soon! xx

oyster samples

Had this urge to make a little ring dish, inspired by oysters and pearls. .they came out nice! I am pleased. Which brought me to ‘Next I’d like to make them in porcelain’. ..process people! ,,, I’d call this first batch ‘concept samples’ .. then we will try some pre -production samples in porcelain. Dial those in. Then get to production!! It’s really important to not under cool your ideas! Proliferation is key to exquisite product! Xx

wiggn out

it was my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago, and since we were in lockdown and he LOVES parties, I decided to throw him a costume party for 2! I ordered 70s themed wigs, accessories and outfits off of Amazon and made fondue! (Do you want the recipe?) We listened to Barry white and Giorgio Moroder. It was perfect. Below is the wig I bought for him. Lol. I wore it to the grocery store for fun to pick up all the cheeses. …The stuff quarantine has pushed me to do!!! Lol. Anyway. Hope your day is brighter for knowing I’m wigging out just a little!