what are we gonna do with all this love?

did a little overhaul on my youtube, i love messing around with branding inside apps on my phone. I used to do it all in photoshop but the phones are so powerful now, with so many features. I need to make a few videos on how I do everything and what apps I use. maybe manana 🙃
being in the studio with Ed is my favorite, everyone should try recording music, even if you’re not a musician, it will give you scope for people’s passion that undertake it as a medium
this is what I used to make the above design for the youtube overhaul
I shot this in my bedroom looking into a window with a soft gauze panel, it blows out the light just right, I also am really into selective desaturation rn , I just like all these photos together. no other reason for posting. Lol


the tangerines are so epic right now. one of the reasons I love living in the city is for all the little food markets, of all the different ethnicities within the city. a friend of mine and I tour them all; recently we went to a Thai market, Chinese market and Korean market all in the same day! it was quite a tour. the tangerines at the Korean market were worth writing about and photographing! try the market in the Koreatown Galleria. the variety of fruits and goods is remarkable and delicious!

Divinity Hoops

Aster Chain

memory lane

Courtney Lowe, from LA Vintage Exchange, and I, at the World Famous Rose Bowl Flea Market! We used to do Sample Sales there; we had so much fun and learned so much about our businesses and customers. There is nothing like interacting with customers in person! .. Who knew that statement would be ‘the good ol’ days!’ ?
My old Studio in Venice, CA! I had always dreamed of having an art studio in the back of my house! I found the perfect little rental and voila, we made the perfect little studio for my jewelry bench and my painting work. Photographer and blogger @ChristinaJWarren took these AMAZING photos! So thrilling to look at them again and recall all the good memories!
@MarkandEstel invited me to collaborate on their jewelry on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week catwalk! They starred in their own fashion runway and music show, which had never been done before! I also got to sit front row. They made all my fashion dreams come true, truly!
Got snapped by a famous street fashion photographer, wearing none other than Mark and Estel, Rossmore. and Chloe! Another dream checked off the bucket list.

And finally. That time I won @LAWeekly ‘s Best of LA Award for Best Local Jewelry! I truly couldn’t have been more honored or continued to be! The thing with LA Weekly awards is that real Angelenos have to nominate you, in secret, and then everyone votes, in secret, and then they just contact you and say you won!!!! It’s literally incredible I won. What good fortune! Thanks Rossmore. you are one lucky charm!

sparkle and shine

can’t get enough of sparkly things. it may legitimately be an obsession. . . & …nothing brings us more joy than working with stones. it’s as if each stone is a little friend, filled with laughter and joy ,, and we love sharing life, laughter, joy, and love, with our friends! hope you enjoy this shiny sparkly little set

Stones: morganites, blue sapphires, amethysts, diamonds, and tourmalines

full circle 2021

how beautiful to come full circle! …many of you have come by Rossmore. due to the now famous and ever sold out Imperfect Circle! …And now after a daunting year, we introduce Full Circle, an update on our beautiful original style.

Full Circle still retains the imperfect edges but has a little more boldness in make and we added a CZ or diamond depending on if vermeil of 14k! just finished a new batch right in time for the last Holiday gifts! grab one before they are gone and we have to restock!