bluese fare

Feeling kind of bla,,, blasé…don’t know why. Just am. … so put on my Yves Saint Laurent baby blue tee I thrifted at the Rose Bowl and felt a little lift!

Shall we call it bluese fare? I don’t know any more. But I added some Rossmore Stone Rose rings and felt another Little Lift!

And I’m enjoying that as much as I can these days. Any little lift. Maybe I should name the new double baguette rings Little Lift? Because that’s what they do! They lift you up when you wear them. A little shine. A little sparkle definitely helps the bla bla bla blasé fare. Enjoy this photo set.

Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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