what are we gonna do with all this love?

did a little overhaul on my youtube, i love messing around with branding inside apps on my phone. I used to do it all in photoshop but the phones are so powerful now, with so many features. I need to make a few videos on how I do everything and what apps I use. maybe manana 🙃
being in the studio with Ed is my favorite, everyone should try recording music, even if you’re not a musician, it will give you scope for people’s passion that undertake it as a medium
this is what I used to make the above design for the youtube overhaul
I shot this in my bedroom looking into a window with a soft gauze panel, it blows out the light just right, I also am really into selective desaturation rn , I just like all these photos together. no other reason for posting. Lol

Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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