design process – cherries

the first step in our process is to pull as many photos of cherry jewelry as possible and put them all together in a post or mood board. this way we can have all the different points of view begin to assimilate in our brains. as we compare and contrast the differences and through lines, we begin to think about our approach. do we want to incorporate color such as enamel or acetate, or make these in solid silver? how reductive do we want to get? with simplistic items, sometimes taking away too much detail you lose the vibe of what makes the item fun in the first place. we love modern clean designs, however overly reductive designs bore us. Our process is to balance these notions and contribute something new to the design canon, as well as incorporate classicism with a touch of rebellion! anyhow, sit with these images, like we will and we will come back with some posts on the design process! Enjoy. Ttys 🍒

Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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