Countdown 3.

So we are beginning the countdown to releasing this album I’ve been working on for over 10 years!

You might say Suzy, why 10 years? That’s so crazy!

Well it all began when I first started my business Rossmore. and while I was working 18 hour days often, I had a more flexible schedule so suddenly my artsy side began to flourish in the most amazing ways!

I had a friend writing and recording music and he said, “hey write a song with me,” so we did, it was called Body Hi, and it is the first song I ever wrote and he produced it! I LOVE this song and it has such a special place in my heart! And now over ten years later, it ended up as the 7th song on Baby Blue! It’s just a great song. Thank you Oscar for being so pivotal in this journey. Don’t know what I’d do without the gift of music you so generously shared with me!

Anyhow. Then I wrote some more songs. Went on a quick tour with Oscar and then decided to move from WeHo to Silverlake to pursue Music above all else! But that’s when things got hairy. I wanted to work with people, but I came across many challenges, some very difficult to work with relationships at times. And my project stalled over and over.

Then I got distracted, and took a detour on do a duo thing, that ended up being very disappointing for me personally, but ALSO just what I needed. The disappointment fueled me to work towards only getting MY album done, exactly how I saw it. In my vision!

So I prayed about it and let the whole dream go, but by the hand of god I was led to my current producer by my father-in-law, and man was this the moment for me!

From the point on of meeting my producer, I just put one foot in front of the other, to do one song at a time as I could afford, (studio and production time is a fortune!!) and finally 3 years later, here we are with my work of art, Baby Blue.

I am so proud. It took an army of people to get this done. And a decade of relationships, work, highs, lows, to bring this into fruition! And it’s done and I can’t wait to present it to you guys!

And lastly, Getting this album made was one thing. But then packaging it has been a whole other journey. I’ll share that part in the next post! Cheers to the count down. Here we go!

Below are all the mock ups that while we loved, did NOT become the album art work :

Donna Lew/Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Donna Lew / Mary Brennan
Marlena Rijn
Donna Lew/ Mary Brennan

Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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