Countdown 2.

So we finished the album last year,, and I was left with the final aspects, , ,album title, album cover etc

I’ve always just shot myself for pix, or with friends and family, because I feel awkward in front of the camera, and am embarrassed that I rarely get good shots of myself by other people. Lol. (I mean that statement is all in my head right. People take good shots. I’m just too self-critical I guess ) , so in this instance I did the same. ..

Shot with amazing friends and family: @marybrennan and #donnalew and @marlena.rijn !!!! & That’s who shot all the items on the previous post ,,,

but for some reason I still wasn’t feeling complete in the journey, even with the STELLAR shots I had. . .and believe me. they are stellar!!!!!

Just needed something more ‘square’ because albums are square. Ha

& Sometimes journeys are about pushing out of your comfort zone. Throwing yourself into the unknown.

& in this instance. ..Maybe part of that journey was to do something I’ve never done for myself?!!! ,,, hire a photographer I’d never shot with… ! …I mean I’ve hired new people before to shoot my jewelry, hired out visionaries, and it always came out extra rad, but I was def a little hesitant. Do I really need to do that for me?!? Well I guess I did.

I fortunately came across yet another Amazing, heart centered, kind, and compassionate artist @jessicachanensmith , a woman behind the camera who had a vision for me, that I couldn’t see myself!


& She suggested a few directions like maybe a baby blue backdrop 70s prom inspired photo,, and sent me some visual examples,,,, so I tie- dyed a bed sheet with shiburi the night before the shoot and ran to goodwill for the silkie one,, and then boy we ran with it. We came up with the album cover, GREAT SHOT , we are about to reveal soon here, but not in this post. Still get alt photos! Lol. . Excited for you guys to finally see it though !!

And thank you to all the contributors, couldn’t have taken this shot without all the rest. It’s all a journey. Many of the Alt Shots will actually be in the Physical Album , like the back cover and insets, when that comes out soon after this digital drop!

Alt shot by @jessicachanensmith

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Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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