Beet red after 12-12-3-30! It’s really strenuous but at the same time not …

Sooooo, during quarantine I was able to go down the rabbit hole of YouTube and cull an incredible amount of information on all sorts of things… much of it mindless and meaningless! LOL

But I did come across @laurengiraldo and her @twelvethreethirty routine! Which seems really incredible for her.

She was able to get super fit and lean off 30 extra lbs by WALKING on a treadmill everyday at 12 incline, 3 speed for 30 mins. & She attests she didn’t change her eating too much!

This seemed like an aha moment for me, as I have a ton of discipline with exercise and self betterment work, but tend to pull muscles from over-working out. So, in terms of consistency, that has been challenging in the past, ie being out for a week or even two, over a calf or a hamstring!

Due to this caveat, I was def searching for something low impact ie long term sustainability, to really get my heart rate up ya know!


During quarantine I walked and hiked a ton, but def over ate LOL. Anyway. The excercise just wasn’t enough to keep my eating at bay.

I bought a cycle, because I was not going to buy a treadmill!!

I can’t stand bulky household objects. Horrible. Keep those out of my sight! I figured I could tolerate an excercise bike until things let up! ,, LOL

So I got a little indoor cycle and road everyday, interval style, for 30-60 mins, sometimes twice a day if I was really stressed.


I dropped 10 lbs. over maybe 6 weeks, which delighted me. But then I plateaued. . Even though I cycled everyday for 5 months, and fasted. …And I’ve been here before: Lighter, , , But with that goal of getting below my regular body weight, still seeming elusive!

How do I optimize?

meal prep? Tried it. Hate it. No thanks. -To me that is just disordered eating in a pretty container. LOL. No offense to anyone that gets results!! Maybe in the future!! LOL. ..For the right personality, ya it gets the job done, I’m not against it, just for myself, not right now! My sense of ‘really living’ is eating intuitively and without restriction. . .

Eating intuitively worked when I was an athlete, AND since I don’t believe in aging🤣, I’m pretty sure I can kick my metabolism into even higher gear and get the results I want. LOLOL

-The Trainers Input-

That’s when I ran into my friend’s cousin, he’s a trainer and Krav Maga expert. He dropped 30 lbs, getting really lean. He was FIT to begin with. Just had been able to optimize! I was like woo you look great! What did you do?

“ I hike uphill with a back pack filled with weights. “

My Aha…

I can def do that. I love walking and hiking.

What is that vest? Keep reading!

Wait what if I do the 12-3-30… weighted?

12-12-3-30 !!!

And so it began. I lost 3 lbs the first week. Let you know how it continues to go!

Success! 3 lbs lighter- Day 5- @blanklabelactive
All 5 days. Gym is pronounced gīme.. j/k

It’s so easy. And my muscles, while fatigued, are able to recover over night! I have not been sore once.

Day 4 @rossmorela
Day 1


Anyhow. I feel better. And leaner. And that is all that really matters. Oh and my skin has gotten velvety! All in all, I really hope I can peel off 20lbs, maybe 30, while doing 12-12-3-30 and intuitively eating! Fingers crossed. We will see. Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe I’m not?


DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. RossmoreLA and it’s agents are not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents are not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents provide entertainment in order to help you reach your own goals through personal accountability. Information for entertainment and inspirational purposes only.

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