New Active

Been working on the active line, Baby Blue,,,

After the first round of sampling, here are my thoughts:

I’m really into what I sampled because it’s in between!

•It’s SUPER soft and luxurious, but light weight.

•It doesn’t break the bank and it can withstand lots of washes etc.

•But also, considering how much I work out, and how often I like to shop, its priced just right where I get to wear the latest styles and trends, and feel up on my shit, while not over spending or sacrificing luxury.

•Furthermore, I can wear these items apres workout as well, because they are so fun! – I workout and go straight to work, so it’s a no brainer to throw on a fresh kit after I work out because they are SO COMFY and stylee!

(… & yes, I’m going to make some fun apres tees too! ) – I already have customers that have mentioned they are wearing their kit all day before they work out! So easy and fun! Yayyy

•Additionally, on the business side of things, in order to service my customer base, I want to put out new prints often! Right? …Rather than obsess over fits and seams. I’ll let other business owners service that sector.

To me, the fun is in the NEW PRINTS change up!!! While being able to rely on the fit and function.

What’s your number 1?.. I def like keeping things fresh and fun… because I NEED the diversion in order to stay on my fitness goals! Nothing is more fun than a new suit for the gym! Makes me feel like it’s worth it. Lol.

(I mean I know it is, but I need to trick my brain or else I will slow down and get off track on my fitness goals!)

So here are some new prints I’m working on! Excited to place the order ASAP!! What do you think?

Inspired by tropical print cotton gowns.
Inspired by modern art.
Inspired by vintage cowboy boots patterns.
Modern Art
Oversized Prints
Modern Art


Published by Suzy Le Q

Hi. I’m Suzy, I am the owner and founder of Rossmore Jewelry; I’m also an artist, I dabble in many mediums. These are my creative pursuits

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