strawberry yields

made a cake for my friend’s bday, and did a little research on how to decorate…this is what I came up with. So fun, need to make cake creating a regular affair! now who’s got a birthday?

below is the Inspo I pulled before decorating! I was very lucky to have one garden rose open up just right so that I could pluck it for the center piece of this magnificent berry cake!

mochaccino please

been playing with variations of some of our classics, check them out. Color changes, clasp updates, new pendants. what do you think?

updated a classic with a fun lil twist 🌹
white gold and rose gold love on lock
white gold and yellow gold love on lock
white gold love on lock w/ rose gold chain
how cute is this little clasp worn as a pendant. obsessed
the Zabia and Bucci clasps on plain yellow gold small catamaran chain
and last, a Small Catamaran chain sporting a stunning St Christopher medal, yes!

malachite and lapis lazuli dreams

Malachite is known for being a stone of transformation, and promotes a sense of stability throughout times of change. It stimulates clear thinking and controlled actions. It’s name derives from greek, ‘soft’ , in alignment with compassion; very protective and uplifting! We love everything about this stone.

Lapis is known for being soothing, calming, and promoting a sense of well being and open mindedness. It’s said that’s it’s high luster provides a sense of protection and promotes safety and harmony, in addition to self awareness, honesty and compassion! Truly a magnificent stone to behold and wear!

These new additions to the site were inspired by the challenges at hand in our world and our mission to spread live and light! We love that gemstones have intention and we hope to upload many more this month ASAP! These two babies just went up, along with the lovely Catamaran Chain! (Truly a classic.) Follow the links to check them all out!

Malachite Choker – avail in 2 lengths, with a choice of clasp variation

Lapis Choker – avail in 2 lengths, with a choice of clasp variation

Catamaran Chain – avail in 2 metal variations, Yellow Gold Vermeil and 14k Yellow Gold and 2 lengths!

design process – cherries

the first step in our process is to pull as many photos of cherry jewelry as possible and put them all together in a post or mood board. this way we can have all the different points of view begin to assimilate in our brains. as we compare and contrast the differences and through lines, we begin to think about our approach. do we want to incorporate color such as enamel or acetate, or make these in solid silver? how reductive do we want to get? with simplistic items, sometimes taking away too much detail you lose the vibe of what makes the item fun in the first place. we love modern clean designs, however overly reductive designs bore us. Our process is to balance these notions and contribute something new to the design canon, as well as incorporate classicism with a touch of rebellion! anyhow, sit with these images, like we will and we will come back with some posts on the design process! Enjoy. Ttys 🍒

what are we gonna do with all this love?

did a little overhaul on my youtube, i love messing around with branding inside apps on my phone. I used to do it all in photoshop but the phones are so powerful now, with so many features. I need to make a few videos on how I do everything and what apps I use. maybe manana 🙃
being in the studio with Ed is my favorite, everyone should try recording music, even if you’re not a musician, it will give you scope for people’s passion that undertake it as a medium
this is what I used to make the above design for the youtube overhaul
I shot this in my bedroom looking into a window with a soft gauze panel, it blows out the light just right, I also am really into selective desaturation rn , I just like all these photos together. no other reason for posting. Lol