We dove headfirst into the pepperoni. Y U M

Then swam through the divine cheese gully’s in the cacio e pepe, and when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, , , the neighboring table was presented with their Olive Oil Cocoa Cake,,, and we just kept wading deeper.

The pepperoni was my favorite. I saw lots of tables getting the Margherita. I’ll probably get that when I go back.

And dang the chocolate cake.

Pizzana is part owned by the Sprinkles cupcake founder, so it’s par for the course that she knows a thing or two about cake. . . Turns out she’s pretty good with her pizza sensibility too!

We normally order in, and get their sandwiches and pastas too, but venturing out was totally worth it. The intimate vibe is so fun and so weho. Enjoy! Write a comment if you go and love! Xx

Holy Lava Flow

Okay, so serious friggin delicious alert!!!!

Head to Aliya Lavaland for the most surprising little dessert!

First, have you ever had those sweet egg dimsums? If those are your vibe you’ll like this. Or if you like custard or Cadbury eggs, then this could be your jam!

I was totally taken aback, because the store signs called them moon cakes, and I’ve had my fair share of boxed moon cakes with aduki, that are not super good. . .

But these … next level yum in my opinion!

This is the flaky moon cake exterior, super fresh in this instance, with a semi sweet lava flow eggy custard interior. And boyyy was it money!

I def suggest a little trip to San Gabriel to try out!

And nothing to fear, Beard Papa and Sunright Tea are next door, so you can def find something you like all in all.

I will def be back to Aliya Lavaland for a Lava Mooncake. So my speed!!

Life Changing Yogurt

I got this recipe from @pinkponyresale !!! She’s the health nut bomb dot com I go to for all sorts of tips! And I’m sharing with you too now!

This yogurt, it’s literally been life changing for me.

I LOVE yogurt, but have been struggling to remain dairy free! [Just for my constitution:), everyone is different and can tolerate different things!] & Even with all the alternatives on the market, yogurt has always been my weakness. But now that I make this almost everyday, no more craving yogurt! Or any dairy for that matter. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The closest thing on the market is the GTs Cocoyo at whole foods. But this is SO much better. Truly.

These are the exact products I’ve been using for the most delightful yogurt on the planet!

(Hope it doesn’t cause a run on 365 brand. LOLoLol. Happy to share regardless!! My goal is to spread well-being, aka love and light!)

When shopping for a probiotic I figured I could use a good boost, so on a whim I tried the mood ones, and boy are they happy probiotics! You can def try other ones, but I’ll probably stick to these!

And interestingly, I popped one sans yogurt, and it was alright, but for some reason when it’s feeding on coconut it’s so happy! I def see a difference between just taking probiotics vs cultivating them and taking them. So there’s a little curious info to contemplate when you try this recipe.

Also, the toppings above are Hemp Hearts, Shredded Coconut, and Frozen Raspberries, all from Trader Joe’s! Serious YUMMMMMM

Enjoy xx

Bu Bliss

Sojourned out to malibu with my favorite songwriting couple, to visit some fabulous film making friends.

We devoured impossible burgers by the beach and caught up in this new new post covid world.

After dining, a few of us ventured down to the beach for the immaculate sunset and it delivered everything one might want delivered in a sunset. Truly.

We feasted our eyes on the glowing ember of the day and relinquished all control of the elements, especially as our friend’s daughter’s lonely shoe washed away in the rogue current…

Cheers to abandoning tired and worn out things on the beach!!

And Amen, farewell tired and worn out versions of ourselves too! Bye!

Good night moon, bless our best lives softly, like lullabies sung by a mockingbird in the dusky saltwater evening.







Beautiful Days

Lately been getting back into gratitude lists. Man they make such a big difference in making sure I wire my day, to what’s going well!

I try to keep it simple, I’m grateful for:



Comfy pillows

Palm trees in the sky

Beautiful sunny days

Wandering breezes

Buzzing bees

Nail polish



Sandy toes


Have a great day everyone 🙂

Daisy Do It

Floral Dress

Bucket Hat

Snake Sandals



Studio days are my favorite days! I’m super excited, I’m feeling more inspired these days. I def had some low moments in the last year. Nothing major. Just some lows. And that can manifest in me not feeling too in the flow. But I am now. 🙂 I feel like this fit totally embodies feeling renewed. I would never have worn this a year ago. I’m feeling like FUN though. Gotta have fun! And outfits need to say FUNNNN. So here is my version of fun!

& I told you guys, I’ve been working on a pop album, ( because it’s fun) and I may be working with a new producer on that! His studio is in New York. So I’m planning a visit. I missss New York soooo much. I used to go all the time for fashion week and trade shows and family, but it feels like eternity. I know I just gotta book a ticket. Gotta see how things pan out. Especially now that things are opening up!! Woooo.

Bag Lunch

I’d love to tell you that when we go in the studio, on a day like today, that we take long luxurious lunches ordered in via door dash or the task company de jour, but to be honest, I usually pack my lunch the night before!

I feel like this little brown dress is the same color as a brown school lunch bag, so that’s why I meander here…

Anyway, part of the reason I pack my lunch is that, I own the record company, and I’m on the clock with the money, renting studio time and hiring the best producers, engineers and musicians, so I’m there to work! And packing that brown bag let’s me get as much done as possible because I’m not worrying about what I’m going to order for lunch.

Also, packing my own lunch allows me to focus on my other game, the fitness journey I’m boldly going on! Lol. I mean. I’ll order in occasionally, but, I gotta control what goes in my body. And I love healthy home cooked meals. Truly love love love!

My parents are French and Italian so good food was and is a must. & It’s not hard, usually leftovers or a quick turkey wrap. . . My husband makes the best food anyway, so I’ve come to not really enjoy restaurants that much. Save the few tried and true places or a hot new Chef in the city. But even the new chefs betray my trust. Lol

The other night my gal pal and I tried the latest hot chicken place everyone raves about. On the first bite I blurted out, “curry! that’s the secret sauce?” much to my dismay! …I love curry. But it felt a little obnoxious that that is perhaps why people were raving?… I mean. I have worked at an Indian restaurant back in the day so maybe that why it seems to obvious to me. . .


Then the next few bites were way too salty!! Ugh. Can’t catch a break.

I acquiesced to the situation and tried the fries, which redeemed the place at least for those! .. Sampled the sammie too, and quickly realized the tenders NEED the bun and pickles and cheese, to mediate the saltiness.

Anyhow. At least I snapped these cute shots because I packed that lunch! …I’m working hard for you guys. Hope you like the outfits. & Yes, The songs are coming out grand!! We are writing and laying down pads right now. Check in again soon! Xx

Hat – Janessa Leone

Jacket – All Saints

Dress – Revolve

Boots – Isabel Marant

Jewelry – Rossmore. Malachite Choker

Lipstick – Berry Cocoa

Nail Color – Zoya Pixie Dust

Makeup – Bobbi Brown