New Seamless

My studio space post-quarantine increased, and I’m sooo happy!

And due to this, I’ve been able to take the seamless that I had setup in my smaller space and move it to a now dedicated wall in the larger studio. I couldn’t be happier. You can see it set up behind me on the wall in the pix below.

I have a funny hack err choice. . .I don’t like heavy equipment and rolls on my walls lest I need to adjust things. . .And let me tell you, I’m always adjusting things.

So over the years I’ve taken to putting up a light weight curtain rack and then using Clamps to put up just the photography paper, sans the heavy roll. I use shears to cut off a long piece.

It’s easier for me to switch out by myself, and I don’t need all the industrial equipment. I’m into easy and light and movable. Those are my signposts.

Anyway. Here I am feeling good about the new larger space! -Cute hoops from the shop and a bag my pr friend sent me. And like I had imagined, it’s true, when you have a seamless ready to go, you never know when an impromptu moment happens and you get a good shot or two. 📸

Back in the Studio

How cute is this Understated Leather Jacket?
Love this Hat by Gladys Tamez Millinery.

Love being back in the studio!

Recording is my happy place.

We are also working on the video for California Gold!

And this is CRAZY, I was approached by some producers to do some pop music and I recorded a few. But I’m on the fence!! Should I put out the pop songs guys? Or just stick with my pop country? Idk. Lol.

Ohh and do you see that little moon stained glass? It’s by local artist Elena De Sosa. I’m trying to get her to make stuff for the site!! Will be so cool right?!

Ttys. Xo

The Four Agreements

What are the four agreements? Have you read the classic book by Don Miguel Ruiz?

In the meantime until you get a chance to read the book, these are the actual four agreements:

1) Be Impeccable with Your Word

2) Don’t take anything personally.

3) Don’t make assumptions.

4) Always do your best!

…the book obviously goes more into detail on how each practice operates to elevate your lens for life, so pleasesssss do yourself a favor and listen to it on audio or buy a copy!

Get after it. Knowing this information is life changing!

Enjoyyy! Love you! Xx

Easy Peazy Fasting

Fasting has many health benefits!

…But it has so little practical info out there on HOW to actually do it, easily!

For instance, one can do intermittent fasting, and find tons of info on what to eat and not eat and when etc,, but you may still find yourself failing miserably in your efforts, and failing to gain the sought after effects!

Sooooo, here is a SUPER PRACTICAL GUIDE to a 3 day liquid fast, that should have one feeling good the WHOLE time, and thus, one hopefully will find it easier to succeed in creating the desired effects!

This guide is really about BEGINNERS! & learning to maintain the fast, at the most minimal level, in order to begin to get the benefits!

We find that once one begins to see benefits, they will tend to find more motivation to begin dialing in the more nuanced details to max out benefits later! Ya know!

1) soup soup soup

Broth is often one of the itemized allowable liquids on a liquid fast. So get there. Get after that broth! Stock up on broth soups, boxed broths, fresh broths, whatever you’re into. Trader Joe’s has an excellent selection and is better on the budget than Whole Foods. But pick whatever works for you.

Here are three products that will help you immensely:

2) juice juice juice

For a long time the whole ‘juicery fasting’ trend was hot! You would get a whole cooler of pressed juices and have at it. Not bad. But I personally need variety in order to skip food for three days!

And I think the juice places are over priced…

Trader Joe’s has great green juice and red juice, grab a few, to supplement your broth and water situation.

Try diluting the juices with a ton of water, 1:1, so as to not get too much sugar at once.

3) water water water

Make sure you have tons of delicious filtered water. If you need help pushing water, try stocking up on expensive ones, trust us, it can help the cause both psychologically, and in actuality. I love Voss, Fiji and Essentia when I’m fasting, extra tasty! Worth it if you find it hard to push water.

4) Here’s the PRACTICAL plan:

Take 1 jar of Trader Joe’s vegetable soup, 1 ~2 liter bottle of water, 1 box of chicken broth, and 1 box of chicken bone broth and put all in a huge Stock Pot on low, first thing in the morning.

Let it simmer away on low heat.

5) What about Coffee?

Do your morning coffee thing , don’t worry about even cheating and doing milk/nut milk sometimes (in my opinion the ends justifies the means in this case. You will still see benefits!) in your coffee.

Then the instance you get a twinge of hunger at all, take a huge glass of the warm broth and drink it immediately!

6) Rinse and Repeat all day.

And if you begin to get bored of broth, change it up and have some juice water.

And more water. And more broth.

Super Important: Drink broth literally the second you get a hunger pang. That’s why you should leave it on low on the stove all day or in a crock pot/slow cooker.

Do not wait. If you wait you may get too hungry and then uncomfortable and then break the fast prematurely!

So we find it most effective to head off the hunger with the broth immediately!!

That’s it.

Do that for 3 days. And bingo. You did it. You made it. You did a 3 day juice fast.

Your skin should glow. Your gut should thank you. And you should feel very energetic and thriving.

The energy usually kicks in late in the day the first day or on the second day! It’s like a little runners high. Feels good. Try to look for it so you get a sense that it’s ‘working.’

7) More tips:

A) Stay home and don’t make plans to do this. Block out the 3 days. Makes it way easier.

B) Try coupling this practice with prayer and/ or meditation! If you go through some of our articles there are links to flute water music and various meditative media.

C) Chill out and don’t take it too seriously. Start with a one day fast if you must. Gain the confidence there, and then a week or two later do a two day fast, and so on. Using this method I’ve built up to a 5 day liquid fast! Some people do up to 14 days and completely rewire their systems. Look it up on YouTube under ‘water fasting’.

IMPORTANT: Breaking the Fast

Make sure to watch a video, for instance by Thomas Delauer, on how to break your fast. It’s important to go easy on your digestion!

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. RossmoreLA and it’s agents are not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents are not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents provide entertainment in order to help you reach your own goals through personal accountability. Information for entertainment and inspirational purposes only.


I’ve been listening and seeing a lot of people struggle recently, and I mean that,, on the heels of this crazy last year of 2020,, ..,but also even more recently, people are heading through 2021 and are now only realizing how badly they need to shift, and that maybe 2020 didn’t force them enough, SO now 2021 really is forcing the hand!

But don’t worry about it guys. I got you!! There are some really practical things you can do to create subtle while comprehensive shift! Here goes:

Garlic Cleansing!

Garlic is a great liver cleanse. And we all know how angering 2020 was, and maybe some of those feelings have gotten lodged in that good ol Liver! So give yourself an easy 3 day garlic cleanse. Here’s some simple instructions:

1) Commit to 3 days

2) Day 1, eat lightly, and when you do eat, have veggie/ fruit juices, lots of water and a primarily vegetarian based diet, just for 3 days. It’s no big deal!

2) At night take garlic pills or chop/mince 1-4 cloves of garlic and shoot in a little shot glass of juice right after dinner or before bed. But make sure you ate at some point, or else it can be intense!

3) That’s it! It’s a great cleanse. You should notice nice clear skin and feeling super alert!

*You can also buy Dr. Schulze – Detox Formula! It has garlic in it so it is really similar!


I know a lot of people are seeking right now. . .

I used to be into meditation, and while it’s great as a band-aid, (and TRULY ITS A GREAT BAND AID ) if that’s all the energy you can muster! .. (I’ll post some good stuff at the end of this post.)

BUT it doesn’t really fix the problem! … I find prayer does!

– Find a way to pray and you will find the peace you are looking for. . .ask for peace in your heart. You could try saying, “God/Universe/Creator please give me peace in my heart right now.”

Prayer can be very personal and does not have to be religious! Prayer is a conversation, and it’s really helpful to just open that conversation up, because it’s healing to chat things out with a higher power! Ask God to straighten your life out! God is SUPREME and will get it done, much better than you can!!

And LAST, [trigger warning – this is going to get REALLY REAL!!]

So now you’re into detox and now you pray/meditate,,,, but why detox and then go back to your old ways and expect anything to actually change?

It can’t, if you keep using your addiction.

And it probably won’t especially if you keep muddying your shit up with toxins! … & If you’re dumping toxins in your system to keep yourself from feeling what ever it is you’re avoiding,, just know, that you’re not alone, everyone does it. But know this, feelings won’t kill you, but taking toxins will either cause a spiritual death or affect your health greatly,, to the point that they can kill you!!

So if you have a crutch, stop using it!!! Give it up. Ask God for help.

Your crutch will never fix what’s going on inside of you. Your crutch can be any addiction, bad tv, news, porn, food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, fortune readings, mean thoughts, anger, gossip, anything that gets you to stop feeling really!

Feeling good and having enough magnanimous energy to give to others, that’s an inside job.

You may tell yourself that you have it all, , , but the fruits of the spirit are the real wealth of this world, and without those, you will always turn to trying to portray the perfect image to people, while feeling empty inside.

And you won’t get to be able to even look at the inside job you need to do,,, if you dump toxins in. You won’t have enough mental clarity to decipher it,, you won’t be able to see straight enough to see the jobs that need to be done!

For a practical example, let’s say you see a therapist, and you go and talk about your shit, but then you feel triggered so you go home and drink and get in a fight with a family member. . . So then you go to therapy to tell your counselor about how you always fight with family members and how terrible they are to you,,,but you never tell your therapist the fight was after a few drinks , , , do you really think you’re going to get better if you’re dishonest with yourself and your therapist?

And do you think that the counselor, who is making a living off of you having problems, is ever going to tell you to stop drinking or drugging? and will they ever tell you that there is a clear relationship with how you feel and the toxins in your body? No they won’t.

They might profiting too much to tell you the truth, if they can even see it, in all reality they might not even know there is a connection. . .

But here’s the kicker, you are profiting as well, , , you get to stay in the vagueness. . Your ego gets to stay right! … You get to pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you’re doing great, because you are getting counseling, , , while never actually doing the REAL work it takes to repair relationships… which means you would have to take responsibility for your actions… and you’d have to see your part. And the ultimate, accept yourself and all your humanity.

But you guys, self acceptance is the key to self love. It’s okay to be human!! Love yourself human!

This LIFE journey is all about love and self love.

Click this image to visit a really good sermon on self love and acceptance! ⬆️⬆️⬆️

You have to love yourself to be able to actually give and receive love in a REAL and meaningful way. And that doesn’t mean going through the motions of what it looks like to love oneself. Like buying all Gucci Clothes or getting the face of a celeb, or building a home like theirs, while being toxic to friends and family every chance you can get. Image in this instance, is a trap. It’s making you think you have it all, while it’s an illusion.

.. .It’s got to be real self love and real self acceptance to feel satisfied, and you can only achieve that if you’re HONEST with yourself! And you can’t be honest with yourself if you’re living a lie. . .

This may be a doozy of a post. But it’s been on my mind, and for the betterment and well being of people I care about, thought it should be said. I tried to be gentle. And kind. Be gentle and kind with me and with others. 💘

I hope everyone takes a minute to work on themselves and their physical health and their mental health. It is all is interconnected!

Love you xoxo

Click image for ultra relaxing music.
Click for cool singing bowls healing video.
Click for video with affirmations to feel good instantly!

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. RossmoreLA and it’s agents are not a mental/medical health practitioner or mental/medical health provider and is not holding itself out to be in any capacity. Rossmore GLE and it’s agents are not providing counseling or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical or mental ailment. RossmoreLA and it’s agents provide entertainment in order to help you reach your own goals through personal accountability. Information for entertainment and inspirational purposes only.


My Gal Nikki at Bullseye Vintage curated a little capsule collection just for all the babes at Rossmore! I love how seamlessly the pieces integrate with the Rossmore Btq items! It’s like they were meant to go together! You know pieces are fire when they play well with others! Each piece is one of a kind and full freaking vtg delicious. You will be so pleased with the amount of compliments you receive!

I’ve been working with Nikki for over ten years, we have sold all over the country together at events and trade shows! It’s with my pleasure I introduce her work to you all! She’s always been a dealers dealer, like the people in the vtg scene go to her when they need something special and so do I! She can source anything, and not to mention has crazy style and taste! Anyway, get ready, the mini collection drops Friday! Woo! Are you on the mailing list? Get there first!

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Love you forever

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Happy screenshot dump. Love cruising the inter webs and sharing. Enjoy!! Xoxox