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Happy screenshot dump. Love cruising the inter webs and sharing. Enjoy!! Xoxox

don’t stressy

I love it when my clients come to me with antique rings they want to change or melt down and I’m like. Don’t do anything. That thing is fucking brilliant. Legit 95% of the time that happens. Dude. Old shit. Is the good shit in jewelry land. You can’t duplicate the patina of time honored amazingness. Anyway. Inspo above. Love you all!!

Ps my album is almost ready to release! So excited. Will share more soon! xx

oyster samples

Had this urge to make a little ring dish, inspired by oysters and pearls. .they came out nice! I am pleased. Which brought me to ‘Next I’d like to make them in porcelain’. ..process people! ,,, I’d call this first batch ‘concept samples’ .. then we will try some pre -production samples in porcelain. Dial those in. Then get to production!! It’s really important to not under cool your ideas! Proliferation is key to exquisite product! Xx

wiggn out

it was my husband’s birthday a few weeks ago, and since we were in lockdown and he LOVES parties, I decided to throw him a costume party for 2! I ordered 70s themed wigs, accessories and outfits off of Amazon and made fondue! (Do you want the recipe?) We listened to Barry white and Giorgio Moroder. It was perfect. Below is the wig I bought for him. Lol. I wore it to the grocery store for fun to pick up all the cheeses. …The stuff quarantine has pushed me to do!!! Lol. Anyway. Hope your day is brighter for knowing I’m wigging out just a little!


we made this sapphire and aquamarine pendant this week, I’m so excited! I dreamed it up one night and voila made it a reality! Now I just have to audition it for what I’m going to put it on! My intention was to bead it with large faceted aquamarine rondelles, which I hope to locate! We will see what I find when I do my sourcing. I love smoky Topaz, but it’s not what I envisioned, so maybe lapis would look nice? … Or a multi color strand with rose Quartz, malachite and lapis and Jasper ? .. Not sure! See below. What do you think we should do with the piece?